Introduction to Fr.Agnel's Ashram


Fr. Agnel Ashram, is an educational complex of Society of St. Francis Xavier, Pilar, India. The parent body of Vidyankur School is an educational institution inspired by the saintly person - Fr. Agnel de Souza. He is familiar and dear, not only to Goans, but to all dians in general. Fr. Agnel displayed in his holiness strong traits of an Indian sanyasi. He would spare no measure to annihilate himself so that he could unite with the Ultimate Reality. He saw in all fellow-beings, the image of that same Reality with whom he tried to gain intimate union. We may say Fr. Agnelo led a God –centered life in this world. Riches, Honours, Glory, and Power meant nothing to him. He was a humble person, never at the centre-stage, his presence went unnoticed. However, he exercised a great spiritual influence on all those who were under his care. read more [+]

Welcome to Vidyankur School


Vidyankur Pre-Primary a tiny sapling was planted in the year 2001 by a group of friends and well wishers of Fr. Agnel Ashram. The name too was suggested by them. This tiny sapling has now grown to be a tree that provides shade and nurtures around 2000 students. This year the school steps into its 13th year with the Fifth tenth standard batch appearing for its board exams in March 2016. read more [+]

Admission Open – Nursery

Forms will be available on Saturday 14th January 2017 from 9 am to 11 am. Child should complete 3 years on or before 31st July 2017.


Fr. Agnel’s Vidyankur School secured 100 % Result

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